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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 28, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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poised to put pragmatism over principle. >> thanks for joining us we'll see you back here real soon. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: ♪ >> as president obama tries to help children at risk in america, millionaire hip hop people continue to put out stuff that may be harmful to unsupervised kids. ♪ >> tonight, we will continue the debate. >> would you allow the national archives to release the documents? >> actually, the archives is moving as rapidly as the archives move. >> after 13 years, hillary clinton's advice to her husband, the president, is finally made public. james rosen will analyze for us.
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>> son of god is generating a lot of heat because jesus is sexy. >> those comments from a cnn actor is causing consternation. carlson and mcguirk have some thoughts. >> are you the son of god? >> i am. >> also tonight, an update on the intense ukraine-russian situation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. harmful entertainment. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you saw the factor last night, you know that president obama has launched a huge initiative to help children at risk targeting young black men especially. called my brother's keeper. it's a good initiative as we discussed with the president's senior advisor valerie jarrett. if you missed the interview it is bill o'
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what is missing is the entertainment factor. these are effecting unsupervised children of all colors. makes billions putting out stuff like this. >> i fought so hard [bleep] now, if you can't see that unsupervised children might be harmed by that kind of stuff, then you are not responsible person. period.
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in order to help children at risk, the american society has got to convince them to stop destructive behavior. like using drugs. committing violence, getting pregnant outside of marriage. i made that point to president obama himself. and ms. jarrett last night. but after the president's announcement, it took only hours for the apologists and the enablers to show themselves. >> the fact that this per pettation of young black men, whether you are famous or not famous whether you are a thug or a gangster because, what, because you listen to rap music, rap music is the reflection of our society. >> o'reilly is uncomfortable with this culture. that's understandable. he did not come from this culture. that culture has some validities, if you will. >> sure. validities. the overall effect of base entertainment is corruption of impressionable children but will never ever get the far left and many in the entertainment industry to admit that the uber left will not make judgments.
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the industry simply wants to make money. i guarantee you i will be attacked my stand on this issue because potentially i could disturb the money flow. yesterday, i asked first lady michelle obama, well respected woman in the black community to discuss this issue with me. i hope she does. if mrs. obama would. put energy to try to persuade. not to succumb to the corrupting culture, that would be enormous. the my brother's keeper initiative is a very positive thing for this country. but unless it is coupled with a change in the entertainment culture, it will not reach nearly as many children as it should. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington, juan williams, author of the book enough. the phony leaders dead end movements and culture failure that are undermining black america and what we can do about it here in the studio kevin powell, president of the b.k. nation. b.s. nation standing for building knowledge.
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where have i gone wrong. >> i think the issue is not that -- i myself hip hop culture for 30 years has said some of the things that you are saying. the issue is we are focusing on rapper. talk to the people who run these labels. representative was at the white house initiative yesterday and the fact is none of the folks are ceos of the major labels that put out the music on a regular basis. accountability very easy to attack the rappers who are the people signing the checks putting the stuff out there. >> that's right. the kids don't know those people. >> but we do. >> and believe me, you know, we have mentioned them in the past. we had a ludicrous controversy years back with pepsi. that was resolved in our favor but it was only temporary. when you have somebody like beyonce, very very adored by, particularly young women, and just putting out what you just saw. for adults, as i say, i don't care. i mean, you are an adult, you want this, that's fine with me. i have no problem.
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but 12 and 13-year-olds, juan, and just this barrage of this stuff, day in and day out, what do you say? >> it's corrupt. i mean, this is a culture of failure. it is dogging black america. i think you are right to call it out. but you know what happens is the critics as you say come out and they say oh, if you say that you are not really black. you are not authentic or you are acting white. or, you know, you are getting in the way of people who are making crazy bank. that the rappers. but the fact is the rappers are the sell-outs, bill. the rappers, you know, you think about the snoop dogg, the 50%. they are making poring talking about black women as hos and bitches. horrible. bad schools, all the environmental barriers to their success and then they have this set up for them as oh, take pride. here are your role models.
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these are authentic real black people. they monitor and imitate criminals. that's why they got all the tattoos and the pants hanging off and the do rags. guess what, you are not a real black man you haven't gone through that right of passage of going to jail. so you have got to do that that will make you really black. not go to school, learn, excel in school, get a job, achieve, build a family of the rap is all about me, me, me. i'm tough, i'm a bad man, o'reilly. i got attitude. >> how do you respond to that? >> but nothing about building a family. >> you know, the problem with people like mr. williams is that not only does he not know anything about hip hop culture and its history. >> oh, stop. >> actually you don't. because i have never seen you involved with anything to do with hip hop. >> wait, let him talk. >> the same thing you are saying now in 2014 mr. williams was said about hip hop when it was balanced in culture in the 198 os and 90s. we saw a diversity of voices same people attacking hip
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hop. even if you took hip hop out of the equation, poor schools, lack of economic opportunities still be out there. this morning i started my day in brownsville brooklyn. i have a firm in look britain one of the poorest communities in america. these kids are dealing with systemic problem. >> this initiative is designed to at least bring relief to those problems. you are skirting the issue here, mr. powell. >> no. >> wait, wait, wait. the president himself yesterday said there was a culture of cynicism in these precincts that young men who get into trouble, generally speaking. i think this applies to girls too. they don't want any part of this great american dream. they don't want any part of society. >> actually, that's not even true. >> that's what the president said. >> that's not what i'm saying. what i'm saying. even if you listen to hip hop and its totality from the very beginning to the president. is actually as american as apple pie. they are talking about everything else we see in america. >> talking about it in a way that alienates the system. you can't get a job if you
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walk in to ibm and use that kind of a presentation. you can't. >> but what i'm say talking, sir, with all due respect first of all we who are having this hip hop culture and the industry that you referenced at the top of the show. we agree about the problems with the industry. it's the ceos who put out this. >> i'm putting the rap yawn is putting the rap on jay-z beyonce and so on. >> why are you accusing the rap people. basically they used to do ministerial shows with they have black people standing up and doing a minstrel show. the big market for this is white people. it's a white male teen fantasy, they get to use the "n" word and v. all the sexual references and nasty words. violence. and you asked me to let you finish. >> give the last words. >> let me tell you i grew up in brooklyn i come up from crown heights. i grew up in that situation. i have got to tell you when you are saying to young people you can't succeed in the system which is what the
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president and bill o'reilly just said, that is corrupt. that is corrosive to the way of thinking and you want to excuse the rappers, don't. and don't civil rights leaders, civil rights leaders who never ever say one word about. this never. >> first of all, sir, i'm not a civil rights leader. let's make that clear. the civil rights movement has been dead. i'm an activists in the community today. if you don't understand where i'm coming from. the brooklyn today. the brooklyn you grew up doesn't exist today. the reality is we have to have structures in place that are going to give these children an opportunity to put all this elm fast sis on the rappers. i have been critical about it petition nicki minaj do your homework mr. williams. i challenge you anyone who is critical of so-called rappers to come into the community and give our kids an alternative. it's easy to. >> i will give you alternative motown. there is your alternative. motown. that was a culture that was entertaining. that was uplifting. >> that's what we are bk
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nation. >> you don't have it now. >> but it's coming back, sir. >> we just showed you the big three, okay? and they are all the big three. >> big three record labels. >> big three entertain'ers, people that are idolized. >> come after the record labels. >> check out black history about the history of black people in families -- >> -- i got to go guys. >> i actually know it very well. >> destroying it for their own personal profit. >> i got to go. we are going to continue to try to get the first lady involved in this because she could, i think, turn the tide. we have a brand new bill o' question for you. we asking our children better off today than 50 years ago when juan was in brooklyn. go to bill o' and vote and give you the results on monday. next on the rundown, secret documents released about communications between bill and hillary clinton and the white house. what was real reason the arizona governor vetoed the gay business legislation? lieu dobbs will tell us about that and ukraine
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impact eggment tonight 13 years documents archives communications between hillary clinton and his -- president clinton and his wife hillary have been released. with us fox correspondent james rosen. anything of importance? >> there was a lot that was interesting. i went through about 500 or 1,000 pages of the 5,000 that were slowly uploaded over the course of the day. in all some 33,000 pages will tumble out over the next two weeks there were no knockout blows here. no smoking guns, no evidence of criminality. but we did get some insight into how the clintons operated and how hillary clinton's aides saw her and her image in the pluck. 199 a from one of her p.r. aides to mrs. clinton's chief of staff maggie williams. it urged her to do more outreach with the local media it says because hillary is comfortable with
8:16 pm
the local reporters and enjoys speaking with them. this will help us get us around her aversion to the national washington media and serve to counter the tone of the national media so, if you remember the national media like me, now you are on notice that hillary clinton has had an aversion to you for almost 20 years. continuing: this is a memo from mandy green wawld who is very well place powerful democratic operative to hillary clinton directly. this was sent to her in 1999. in advance of an important meeting she was about to have with daniel patrick moynahan then senator from new york. it said be careful to be real. don't be defensive. look for opportunities for humor. it's opportunity that people see more sides of you and often see you only in very stern situations. i'm not sure but, bill, but i don't recall a recent occasion when someone very close to me felt the need to remind me to be real. one last one. this was a list of hillary clinton's favorite reporters in essence that was compiled by one of her aides and sent to then first lady. again, in 1995, first on the
8:17 pm
list was terry hunt. now, he was the chief white house correspondent for the associated press. i knew him well when i used to cover the white house. and he is a good guy and a straight arrow but mrs. clinton's aide wrote to mrs. clinton he is a fan of yours. then, clocking in at number three was andrea mitchell of nbc news who was described as a former white house correspondent. who was replaced by brian williams. the memo said that nbc was grooming williams to take over for tom brokaw it said andrea now covers the state department. she is very aggressive. then comes claire shipman at number 4. at the time she was with cnn as their white house correspondent. it identified her as the newest hire over there with wolf blitzer and jill daughtery. claire was with us on our trip to south asia. she is very powerful. up guess what bill, do you know who shipman is married to? jay carney, white house press secretary. long time veteran correspondent, the memo noted that she was second in -- at the white house pecking order there for abc
8:18 pm
news to mr. brit hume. no further comment. >> i wanted to see if hume was in that mix now. >> took some lumps. >> with all of this analysis about hillary clinton's presentation while she was first lady, it looks to me like they had an eye on a future higher office for her. because, you know, you are not telling maimy eisenhower to look for opportunities for humor, you do you know what i'm talking about here, rosen? not getting into rose lynn carter. these are first spouses that didn't really have any interest. it looks to me like even back then. they were placing hillary clinton in a situation where she could run for the of new york, which she ultimately did and then climb the ladder to the presidency. am i reading too much into it. >> first of all your reference to maimy eisenhower is very demo friendly. i'm sure your producers are excited about that rose lynn carter no less. you are exactly right there.
8:19 pm
were times when she was urged in these papers don't talk about what your husband is doing in your administration. talk about what you have done. >> there you go. >> yes, there were times too where they said if we operate in one way or another, it will give hillary clinton, quote: political mileage. again, previous first ladies hadn't really had that as a consideration. one further note from these documents, very interesting. on the eve of president clinton's 1994 state of the union address, two white house officials exchanged memos to each other. this was, again, earlily 1994. where one says to the other look we have a line on page 10 of this address that says you will pick the health plan and doctor of your choice. and this person went on to write: i'm very worried about getting secured or overpromising here on something we know full well we won't deliver. things that maybe hillary clinton did not give barack obama the full benefit of her wisdom on this. >> cross-reference. i bet you that person was hired by the obama administration. there you go. james rosen, everybody. and if there is anybody
8:20 pm
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veto the bill that would have given business owners in that state the right it to refuse service to gays on religious grounds. and there was good reason that the governor vetoed the bill. here now to explain fox news business anchor lou dobbs. this is about the super bowl and other economic economics. -- opportunities. is it not. >> powerful subtext to it it talking with the governor this afternoon. she made it very clear that for her it was about the faith based liberties and
8:24 pm
human rights. her staff considered one of the best in the country could find not a single instance of a violation of religious rights in the state of earsz that this pertained to. it had no basis in relation. that may be true. let's face it if she had signed the bill no super bowl, they would have pulled out. okay? they already lost a couple of conventions big ones in phoenix. they would have been boycotted by tons of people down there. the economic thing would is have been harm -- arm armageddon. >> faith based in the way they were working is really significant. she actually had the faith-based community of phoenix of the state of arizona in her office supporting her decision to veto this legislation. and -- >> yeah, cast not entirely correctly. >> people who believe in god and want their religious rights respected were split on the issue. some people said okay.
8:25 pm
some people said not okay. but i believe firmly that economics really made the call on this. >> we're talking about $600 million at stake. >> that's right. >> no question. you are exactly right. it's also important to note that there was no split in the faith based community in arizona. they were solidly behind her decision, all five candidates running to replace her, at the end of this year. all of them said veto this legislation. >> people of faith drove the bill in the first place. and they didn't like it. >> right. >> i got to get on to ukraine. so putin sends down troops into the crimea southern part on the black sea to intimidate the ukraine government. >> right. as soon as that happened, the stock market drops like 87,000 points. i mean, it's just president obama has to react to it and here is what he said this afternoon. >> we are deeply concerned about military moosmghts
8:26 pm
taken taken by the russian federation taken inside ukraine. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and tear tolerable would be deemly destabilizing. >> that doesn't mean anything because the sovereignty has already been violated. the russian troops already at the airport. so, i mean, come on o. and, look, let's be fair, we can't do anything about this militarily. >> exactly. >> there is nothing we can do. we can do economic things to putin. we can can make fun of him but we can't do anything about it tell me about the stock market. how crazy is this thing that it can o'drobinak 500 points in a second? how does that happen? >> discounting some modest hyperbole on your part. >> all right. >> it moves a little less than a hundred. it took about an hour there. but, the reality is that the marquette held up. >> it came back in the end. how does it move so fast? how does it drop so fast? >> it's artificial i think would be the action. you want efficient market. >> if the people like press
8:27 pm
buttons sell everything they have? is that what they do? >> as a matter of fact it was relatively light training and only the scared bunnies. >> scared bunnies. can't we deal with them? >> dollar. the ten year treasury gold prices they didn't rides the dow suspect like 17 a. i go great. i turn away and then it's down 100 points. what? i mean, it just -- in this technological age they just punch these buttons. >> you have got to see your net worth change by 20 to $30 million an hour. that's all. >> all right. lou dobbs. there he is, everybody. >> all good. >> plenty more ahead as a the factor moves along this evening. what the heck is going on in minnesota. two awful child rapist get no prison time. geraldo has been investigating. you are not going to believe it but teachers are apparently allowed to send sex messages now to their students under the freedom of speech.
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♪ ho♪estly, i want to see you be brave ♪ they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what mas a subaru, a subaru. fridays with geraldo segment tonight. outrage in maher county. two convicted child rapist have received no time for their crimes. a raped a 7-year-old for five years until she was 12. second one had sex with a boy under the age of 13. they won't tell us how old but under the age of 13 last
8:32 pm
year. both of these individuals have been sentenced to probation. here now to tell us what the heck is going on. fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera. so how could this happen? i mean, come on. >> first of all, since you became involved, it's like groundhog's day. they have all gone underground for six weeks. we have tried contacting everyone from the prosecutor's office to the presiding judge in either of these cases. to the defense attorneys. no one will comment. they can criticize you and say fox news did shabby research and reporting, and, yet, they are absolutely clam down, they are refusing to comment. the judge did pick up the phone. the judge in the main case did pick up the telephone, but then he said i'm not involved and hung up on us and when we called back female voice on the voice mailing. >> what do you mean he is not involved? he the one that gave. >> i'm merely quoting. i'm not giving you my assessment of it. i am trying -- i'm wrestling
8:33 pm
with why indeed he would give such a light sentence. particularly in the case of. >> hegna. >> five year. awful. this is really really horrendous. destroys the girl. >> he must have had a relationship with the girl's grandmother. there was some way he got access to that girl when she was living with her grandmother in minnesota. it was only when the girl at the age of 12 moved in with her father in nearby iowa, this town in minnesota is very close to the iowa line. she leaves the grandma's house and maybe he had a relationship with her, i don't know or not. she moves in with dad in iowa. she sees a social worker. she comments and gives interview to the social worker. the social worker contacted the authorities in minnesota. the guy is arrested. they charge him with first degree, you know, child abuse, child molestation, facing heavy time they have like jessica's law is light
8:34 pm
there. >> 12 to 30. >> 12 years is stiff enough. they were going to nail him pretty hard and then for some reason they whittled it down to third degree sexual contact and we don't know why. >> no explanation? >> maybe the youngster would not travel back to minnesota. >> we don't want to speculate because the district attorney kristen nelson has -- she has an obligation to tell the people of minnesota which she represents what the hell she is doing. >> well, we call on them right now. because it seems even the newspaper though treats your intervention as kind of the revenuer. >> they all do that. >> your big foot coming in unsettling. this community though is a relatively troubled community. >> that's right? >> there are at least 8 drug rehab centers in the community of only 25,000. it's right on i- 0. -- i- 0. surmise a lot of meth going on predom nangtly white.
8:35 pm
poverty by the statistics that we can get. there is a lot going on. and it could be as something as simple as the judge had other priorities. >> other priorities? >> as horrifying as it is to say that. >> look. and then this woman, with under 13, and she gets even less probation than the other guy gets. so, look, i think you are right. i think that this is a corrupt county. and we want everybody to know it's hower county. >> the main town. >> they cover for it they are not investigating it. they are not being aggressive in trying to get it so we may have to go out there. >> we may have to go out there. >> we may have to. but your intervention was the angle. the angle is here comes o'reilly rather than isn't it horrible? always the way it. >> between these two judges. >> when i do the hip hop thing, i'm the problem. not the hip hop people. me, it's me. all right. that's -- the messenger always -- >> -- you should rap your
8:36 pm
report. >> bill o'reilly and i come to say, now he. >> i will rap a few things but it won't be that. we may send geraldo out to mower county. you have to shave your beard though they will think it's a cartel member coming out. apparently teachers are allowed to send sex messages to students. you wonder why things are out of control in freedom of speech. women in military combat? factor returns in a moment. ♪
8:37 pm
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two very provocative headline, the associated press reporting that a survey of 170,000 female u.s. soldiers shows that less than 8% of army women want to go into combat. also, a texas appeals court says, i didn't believe it texas appeals court says teachers can send sex messages to their students. it's not illegal. here now to analyze is bernard mcguirk and gretchen carlson. what about that survey? >> it's a new thing. i'm not surprised by the number.
8:41 pm
>> only 8% want combat. >> only 14.5% of the military is women to begin with. >> 170,000 women. that's a lot. >> i think this is new territory for women to get into i'm not surprised really by that number. i think that one of the hesitations for women might be hey they don't want to think people think that the standards might be lowered just because women are getting involved in combat so maybe some people are hesitant. >> i was surprised. were you surprised mcguirk? >> actually, no. this as you recall, was an ill advised feel good pc decision by an outgoing civilian defense secretary. >> come on. >> it really was. no consultation, no hearings with the military whatsoever. and it's not discrimination. it's about practicalities. i mean, this is -- there are and should be combat female air pilots. there are. but this is about ground units where these guys have to wear 120-pound packs out in the field. >> but if they can do it, what's the difference. >> but they don't want to do it. >> but if they do if they want to do it, they are able
8:42 pm
to do it it, here's the thing. when you actually see them in training, i happened to see a piece on this and it was very enlightening, you don't know what gender the person is when you are out there. >> because they have on all the gear on. if they can carter weight, what's the difference. >> that's you watching it believe me, if you you are out there the in field and have private first class gretchen carlson out there in a fox hole and commander bill clinton is the guy you around it's fought with -- fraught with peril. >> in the survey it says that most men don't want women fighting with them. >> that doesn't surprise me either. >> well, why? if you think that the women can do just a good a job why wouldn't that surprise you? >> because it's been this way for so long. any time you introduce something new. >> new; is that right? >> people don't like change. >> it's all about emotion and strength to me. there is is the survey and we gave it to you. now, this is a horrifying story. in texas there is a teacher, junior high school teacher. and his name is sean williams. and he was sending section
8:43 pm
section -- sext messages to the 13-year-old. the texas appeals court says that's legal. listen to it this pinhead's attorney. >> you can talk trash. you can talk disgusting things, but if you you are not soliciting someone to meet you or engage in an act, then it's protected by first amendment. >> so now it's over. this is the end of education in america. it really is it's the end. >> well, it certainly seems that way. but they are going to have to just rewrite this statute that was written in 2005. it is a shock that this happened in texas. >> fedex, yeah. >> the legislators wrote it in a faulty way. the prosecutors. >> that may be true and they can rewrite it but the school can't fire this guy. can't fire him. >> no. his certification, i think, guess through 2017. >> yeah. because of this thing. so now you have got this
8:44 pm
teacher. everybody knows him. everybody in the school in the area knows him. and he is, what, 39 or something? >> he is 31. >> 13-year-old girl. >> 688 texts. >> how key possibly go back in the classroom? >> i don't think he can. >> what parent would want their children back in the classroom. >> you know what? the parents and the principal they don't have any rights. >> it was unanimous. >> the school has a discretion not to hire him. he will be certified. >> i think he is still working though. i think he is still employed. >> here is the amazing thing. >> can't fire him. >> it was unanimous opinion too 9-o. >> it was faulty written law. >> okay. and i will cede that can be changed. i will also cede the guy should be able to be fired. >> hopefully there is some sort of lone star justice going on. >> we don't want vigilante stuff going on. all right. the guy is not working right now. but, as you pointed out, his certification is still good in the state of texas. we hope nobody hirsz him. all right, carlson and
8:45 pm
golden circle will be back with the pinheads of the week. and a wild, i mean wild mail segment with valerie jarrett about the rappers and hip hop and all of that factor is coming right back. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. i'veot a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's te for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is twon't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. for what reality tehes you firsthand. in e face of danger,
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8:48 pm
' in the back of the book segment tonight, pinheads of the week. mcguirk always with an astute eye has chosen a cnn anchor to receive his award this week. >> son of god is generating a lot of heat because jesus is so sexy. take a look at the actor. he looks like brad pitt. he has already inspired loads of swooning women and also my ed. the question for me became
8:49 pm
must jesus be se >> so you see no validity in ms. costello's remarks? >> yes, we are going to glamorize somebody who is in a movie and in this case it happens to be jesus in the wolf of wall street it, it was lee idi cap preowe. look, jesus was young and had long hair and he worked with his hands. he was physical labor. he was probably attractive guy. he charismatic. he wasn't short bucked tooth or people wouldn't have followed him around. this is son of god this isn't magic mike 2bg9d. >> you are objecting to the woman historically shouldn't be surprised. >> she shouldn't. >> i think it might be the teeth though. i don't know if they had the ultra bright back then. >> all i know is growing up and going to church all the time because my minister. i don't think he ever described jesus from the pulpit as sexy.
8:50 pm
>> i didn't see her doing anything wrong. >> no they want to sell movie tickets don't think they anything wrong, the movie is a movie, they're glamorizing him. we are taking a really long time in doing that. >> i bet you are. >> it is a totally different movie than this. but we're very careful in a lot of different ways. okay, now carlson's pinhead is a 23-year-old college basketball player for new mexico state who started a brawl. roll the tape. >> did you see that? wow. miller took the basketball and threw it at -- uh-oh, we got a fight, new mexico state. eldridge, this is ugly, this is nasty, oh, my gosh, what a terrible end to a great college basketball game. >> okay, so i mean but -- talk
8:51 pm
about not being surprised. >> it looked like the south korean parliament. >> this is ross miller, the team had just lost, utah state threw the ball at the opposing player happened to be the son of the other coach on the opposing team. but actually they're all pinheads in my mind, you know, he started it but they all fell into line because they took advantage of it. >> all right, as everybody knows, i'm making a big deal out of it, this hip-hop culture is hurting children at risk. i told it to the president, last night on the factor, top of the broadcast. but there is a professor at princeton university who disagrees with me. roll it. >> i think we actually need something more robust on the publicized to respond to the crisis. and i am not so convinced that the private sector and in partnership with the public
8:52 pm
sector can address the crisis at all of its levels. >> so he wants more government spending. this guy's name is dr. eddy glaude, jr., forgive me, i never had a department head named eddy. >> but theodore, perhaps. >> he wants the government to control. and how has that worked the last 100 years? >> not at all. you hit the nail on the head last night. you couldn't have said it any better. that is the major influence on young kids, the music going into their ears. it is good music, fun to listen to. there are a lot of lyrics that are insidious going into their minds. >> it just promotes a couple of cynicism that we're not buying
8:53 pm
into the american dream, if you're not you're going to be poor. >> there are a lot of classes right now, a whole class on beyonce. >> and they glorify, for adults, common, we can handle beyonce and jay-z, but for 12 years old? >> you would be shocked on some of the music that is being played on fm radio. >> it is just nonstop in their head, as you said they got the ear phones on, bing, bing, bing, i am not going to have any respect for the system at all. that is a politically correct statement, we're not talking about all kids. we're talking about kids with no parents, unsupervised, no parents, they wonder why they blow up? >> i know, but i'm saying it is not just a great thing. >> at least other kids would have two parents who say knock
8:54 pm
it off. >> i'll see you at the 2 chainz concert next week. >> i sold my tickets, just couldn't make it. going to herman's herman's next week. all right, factor tip of the day for anybody who cares about the u.s. military, the
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help. finally, megyn kelly and brian kilmeade will be doing a benefit for the schools, campus of li post in new york. brian and i will link you to the box office, the show should be a lot of fun we get ms. megyn out of the studio. and new jersey, i find it more difficult to watch the factor, bill, you held valerie jarrett accountable for nothing. and rosemary, your interview was exceptional, she is a dreamer and you are a passionate realist. it bothered me that you lectured her, i would have rather heard a two-way. that is what it was, two-way, and shannon heath, i don't think the factor is a place for michelle obama to talk to teenage girls about responsibility, maybe mtv or b. e. t.
8:58 pm
shannon, if the interview airs everybody will see it just like they saw with the president. we live in a high tech age, you get a lot of coverage, it goes everywhere. and bill, jay-z and beyonce have just as much a right to make money as anybody. and i have a right to report on it which is what i'm doing. and bill, you only have to visit the white house 24 more times to match the director of the irs. and bill, i'm flying to honolulu to see you and miller on may 10th. i bought the vip ticket, what can i expect? well, miller will most likely hug you when you get your picture taken with us. and there is hawaii, by the way, if you want tickets for the show, it is buffalo, minneapolis, rapid city, and fargo, bill o'reilly is your place. and arkansas, i teach sunday school and found "killing jesus" to be the best book i have ever read. well, i really appreciate it.
8:59 pm
finally, the factor tip of the day, i think most of us will agree we owe our veterans a lot. especially the ones who were beat up, lost legs and arms, all of that. so next sunday, march 9th, at hempstead, long island, you gals and guys will be able to talk with attorneys, whatever you need. if you need advice, contact the website. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o', name and town if you wish to opine, word of the day, don't be a fabulist, sounds like a good word, if you
9:00 pm
do say that, you sound like a dunderhead, do not be one. ms. megyn is up next, i'm bill o'reilly, we're definitely looking out for you. the spin stops here. breaking news as the president issues a warning to russia. also, tonight. a new democratic talking point? senator harry reid calling obamacare horror stories? all of them lies. >> there are plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are not true. lies. tonight, a more of five with her message to senator reid. she tells us how obamacare is not only hurting her family financially but also medically. plus, thousands of new clinton white house documents just released today. what it could mean for a possible hillary run in 2016. and new information tonight on the u.s. soldier accused of avoiding t